Dragon Quest Heroes 4/25

Pre-order Dragon Quest Heroes II and receive the Explorer’s Edition which includes reversible Cover Art and 15 in-game bonus weapons:

Goodybag Abacus

Slime Stack Stick

Royal Flush

Night Club

Slime Knight’s Shield

Gem Slime Sword



Archdemon Arcs

Plat o’ One Tails

Golem Gauntlets

Great Sabreclaws


Imp’s Fork

Dragon Quest Heroes II mixes the hack-and-slash combat of Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors series of video games with the characters, monsters, universe, and lore from Square Enix’s Dragon Quest series.The game is heavier on the RPG elements than most of Omega Force’s other titles. World exploration was changed to resemble the typical Dragon Quest experience. Players can move their party to visit towns, wander the world map and initiate battle stages (similar to dungeons). Seamless random monster encounters may break up the pace between locations. Special ingredients and treasure boxes can be discovered across the world map. Weather can fluctuate and affect the party’s status. Rainy days inflicts a curse ailment on the party during battle.


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